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We're on a mission to accelerate digital transformations

Our History is a Portuguese-German start-up founded in 2020.

The company has been growing really fast since then and has been building many strategic partnerships with tech-driven companies in several industry sectors.

In 2021, started operating in Portugal and our team is growing constantly. Also, the company had the chance to create and develop a very ambitious and successful project with one of the top-3 logistics companies in the world as our client.

We started a new Tech Hub in Porto, growing from 0 to more than 60 highly qualified software engineers in less than five months. We hired top-notch engineers, began a great engineering culture with 100% agile as core value introduced a new organization, new roles, new processes, and pushed the organization in the agile direction. It was a great experience and a perfect example of how a vast, multi-national, fully distributed corporation and a small startup can collaborate and reach amazing results.

In January 2022, opened its first office in Porto, Portugal.

Our Vision

Delivering Top Notch Tech Companies.

Digitization leaders manage to unlock the full potential of game-changing technologies for their business. The shift from traditional operating model to digital forerunner requires a fundamental transformation, not just pressing the reset button.

Smart technologies and software engineering capabilities play a key part in the journey still, the people in your organization, their attitude, mindset, and spirit, are the key ingredients to build the market leaders of tomorrow.

At we exclusively partner with companies who are determined to make their transformation towards digitized business success and therefore understand that building best in class software- and technology competencies in-house is the new imperative. guides clients successfully through this full-scale transformation, growing their innovation power and making sure they are in the front of the pack – rather than just followers. is fully committed to pushing hard to make this a win-win success for your business and the people behind it.

Our Values

Our core values are respecthonesty, and trust, which leads to self-managed teams, where everybody is a mentor and that brings out the best of everyone.

Also, believes that freedom is an important ingredient to explore new paths (organization, working model, mindset) so everyone can professionally grow, in a constructive way.

This refers to the way we meet, interact and work together as people. We meet as whole humans bringing out the best in everyone, evolving as a team. Bring your whole self to work. Shape the way innovative software development of the future looks.

We believe that good is not enough, we must always deliver high-quality products without forgetting the ‘humans behind the machines’. Having fun during the process is also important. At the end of the day, we want the clients satisfied with our product but also workers who feel happy and professionally fulfilled.

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